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Our Mission

We advance the understanding of how cities grow and evolve over time.

We promote a holistic view of city building by studying the relationship between the process of planning and the built environment. By linking an historical study of cities to contemporary issues, our research is grounded in established precedent. By putting this knowledge to work, design and policy decisions made today can more accurately reflect their intentions for tomorrow, bringing us closer to our vision of a more sustainable, adaptable, and enjoyable built environment.

Our Goals

  1. Strengthen and inspire a diverse community of urbanists.
  2. Be a recognized national thought leader on urban design and history.
  3. Equip the next generation of urban designers.
  4. Establish a nimble, innovative organization that is financially sustainable.

Your Support

Doug Allen worked for over 30 years on his History of Urban Form course, crafting his presentation and material for maximum clarity and applicability. His work paid off. The course was rated the most popular elective by students on the entire Georgia Tech campus–not just in the School of Architecture.

It is our initial focus to ensure that this material continues to inspire, motivate, and inform students and professionals. We are working to repackage and release the History of Urban Form in various formats and platforms. We are producing videos, online lectures, infographics, short summaries, long-form essays, and transcriptions.

This is where we need your help. Please donate today.