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Kathy Allen
Seth and Jennie Gallaher
Georgia Conservancy
David Green
Historical Concepts
Bruce Rado
Signet Development


Robert Brawner
Richard Dagenhart
David Haddow
Bill Haley
Dr. John Harris and Mrs. Pam Harris
Dr. Hill Harris and Dr. Susie Harris
Dr. Dan Harris and Mrs. Jennifer Harris
Chris Lang
Lorenc+Yoo Design
Jim Strickland


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Jennifer Ball
Richard Bent
Manuel Cadrecha
Kevin Clark
Joe DeReuil
Barbara Faga
Brian Kish
June Locke
David Neville
Judy Schwarz and Hugh Saxon


Ed Akins
Maryam Al-Atassi
Scott Ball
Michael Black
Thomas Butler
Paul R. Brown
Joseph Claghorn
Phillip Crosby
Jerri Devon
Ellen Dunham-Jones
Athanassios Economou
Richard Ellison
Anthony and Virginia Heffernan
Karen Hodgdon
Gene Kansas
Chen Feng
James Kirk
Nathan Kirkman
Madelaine Mayer
Johanna McCrehan
Katherine Moore
Mara Neumann
Robin Prater and Susan Puri
Cynthia Sterne
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Allen Stovall
Emily Thomas
Derrick Tittle
C. James van Horn
AiLien Vuong
Howard Wertheimer