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Our Story

A Letter From Our Board Members

For many of us, Doug Allen shaped the way we look at cities. He structured our thinking and showed us how to analyze one town from another. And he did so in a way that was enjoyable and kept us wanting to learn more. It wasn’t just his breadth of knowledge that captivated us, his students and friends. Doug had an uncanny ability to weave seemingly disparate elements together, displaying them side-by-side so neatly that their mutual relationship appeared with a sudden moment of clarity. Doug was the Cicero of the classroom.

It was shared experiences like these that brought us together. After hearing of his diagnosis, we started asking each other how we could continue Doug’s work in a meaningful way. We had the obvious ideas for journal articles and books, but we realized that we would have to dream much larger to capture Doug’s legacy. Thus, the creation of The Douglas C. Allen Institute for the Study of Cities was found to be the best platform for this challenge.

We hope you will join us in continuing Doug’s work in making the built world a better place to live.


Kathy Allen, Michael Arad, David Green, Bill Haley, Paul Knight, Bruce Rado, and John Skach